How To Make $5000 Per Month In Passive Income

Who doesn’t want to make money while they’re sleeping? Passive income is the wholy grail of cashflow. Many talk about it online, many want it and sadly, there’s also many scams out there. As we talked about in our Layers of Wealth article, passive income can really speed up the wealth flywheel and increase your … Read more

Dynamic vs Static Websites for Online Business

When it comes to websites, there’s two competing factions: the dynamic tribe or the static clan. Picking one to join might seem trivial but could have far reaching consequences, while there’s tools to move from the one to the other, there’s a lot of potential problems you might run into. Common Misconception Explained There’s a … Read more

Why You Should Focus On Your Reader Instead Of Search Engines To Win The SERP (NOSEO Manifesto)

Sign of human running towards the exit

As I’m writing this, the carnage of Google’s latest search engine update is real. Scenes not unlike the 2008 stock market are all over the place. Content site owners are running around, pulling their hair out, wondering where they went wrong. After all, they followed their SEO plans to a T, researching their keywords, stuffing … Read more

Active vs Residual vs Passive Income

When you embark on your online lifestyle business journey, there are three important types of income you need to know and be able to differentiate from each other if you wish to successfully navigate the layers of wealth. In this article, we’ll go through the three different types of income and as a bonus add … Read more

8 reasons to make Montenegro your new home

Montenegro might not (yet) be a household name around the world but if you’re looking to relocate to or vacation in Eastern Europe I’m certain the country has already appeared on your radar several times. While the positives about Crna Gora, as the locals call it, appear to be virtually unlimited, we’ve listed the top … Read more