8 reasons to make Montenegro your new home

Montenegro might not (yet) be a household name around the world but if you’re looking to relocate to or vacation in Eastern Europe I’m certain the country has already appeared on your radar several times. While the positives about Crna Gora, as the locals call it, appear to be virtually unlimited, we’ve listed the top 8 of them to convince your friends you’re not crazy.


Thanks to its available space and fertile land, Montenegro produces an abundance of organic local affordable food.
This also makes the country self-reliant and decreases the need to import expensive, polluting food from the other end of the world.


With plenty of sunshine, clean air, Mediterranean lifestyle, the country also has hundreds of freshwater springs providing pure water to everyone who wants it. In Montenegro, you can fill up your bottle, literally and proverbially.


An abundance of natural, cultural, and historical sites are at your disposal in different environments, all four seasons. Combine them with a lazy day at the beach, a hike across the mountains, or an exciting day in one of Montenegro’s many picturesque villages.


Because of Montenegro’s natural diversity, there’s a big choice of outdoor sports available to you: sailing, rowing, rafting, kayaking, fishing on the water, or hiking, mountain biking, running, horse-riding or rock climbing in the forests and mountains. The adventure awaits!

Cost of living

With a cost of living over 50% lower than in London or Paris, your euros will go twice as far in Montenegro, or it means you only have to work half as hard for the same lifestyle. 😉


Affordable living is one thing, reasonable taxes is another to let you focus on a better lifestyle. Many people think lower taxes are only good for simply collecting more money, which is the correct way to look at it but can get less and less relevant the higher you go. Another way to look at low taxes is that you have to work less to keep the same after-tax amount, this combined with a low cost of living could mean less business, and more lifestyle, if that’s where you want to go of course, or you could just scale that start-up to the moon.


Žabljak, Montenegro
Žabljak, Montenegro. Photo by Lera Nekrashevich (@campanellabruno).

With a population density of only 45/km2 (116.5/sq mi), there is plenty of space for everyone to go about and do their thing. Especially people who want to avoid big, busy, stressful city life will find what they long for in Montenegro.


Friendly people, low crime rates, and general safety anywhere you go cannot be underestimated for a high quality of life. Montenegro offers all of that and more.