Five Flag Theory For Online Entrepreneurs And Digital Nomads in 2023

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the idea of Flag Theory if you stumbled upon this article or maybe you need a quick intro. Anyway here’s a quick refresher or introduction to the original theory: Flag Theory was originally coined by investor Harry Schultz in the 1960s, who originally talked about three, not five flags. The … Read more

How To Make $5000 Per Month In Passive Income

Who doesn’t want to make money while they’re sleeping? Passive income is the wholy grail of cashflow. Many talk about it online, many want it and sadly, there’s also many scams out there. As we talked about in our Layers of Wealth article, passive income can really speed up the wealth flywheel and increase your … Read more

8 reasons to make Montenegro your new home

Montenegro might not (yet) be a household name around the world but if you’re looking to relocate to or vacation in Eastern Europe I’m certain the country has already appeared on your radar several times. While the positives about Crna Gora, as the locals call it, appear to be virtually unlimited, we’ve listed the top … Read more