Willem Middelkoop Portfolio

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Willem Middelkoop is a Dutch economist, investor, and author who has gained recognition for his views on the global economic system and his recommendations for portfolio allocation. Middelkoop is the founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund and the author of several books, including “The Big Reset: The War on Gold and the Financial Endgame.“ Economic … Read more

George Gammon Portfolio

The economy is caught in a push-pull between inflation and deflation, interest rates or no longer at historic lows and might be trending up for a while and on top of that, bonds no longer appear to be the hedge they once were. The big question is how do we create a portfolio to weather … Read more

How To Turn Your Content Site Into A Passive Business

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Investing has gained popularity over the last decade (artificially extended bull markets can do that to you) and it made many people aware of concepts like active, residual, or passive income. Meanwhile, the internet has grown and grown and the idea of generating a full-time income online has become widespread. It is therefore not too … Read more

Five Flag Theory For Online Entrepreneurs And Digital Nomads in 2023

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the idea of Flag Theory if you stumbled upon this article or maybe you need a quick intro. Anyway here’s a quick refresher or introduction to the original theory: Flag Theory was originally coined by investor Harry Schultz in the 1960s, who originally talked about three, not five flags. The … Read more

5 Reasons To Build Instead Of Buy A Website

The first question when you’ve decided to get into the online entrepreneurship route is whether you should build a website from scratch or just get on the interwebs and purchase an existing one to get yourself a quick start. If you’re lacking the kind of financial funds you need to hit the ground running, your … Read more

5 Reasons To Buy Instead Of Build A Website

When you want to get into online entrepreneurship there’s one big question you need to ask yourself, “should I go out and buy one or more websites or start building them from scratch?“. Logically, your personal financial situation will have a huge impact on this choice, if you’re just starting out and have zero savings … Read more