Active vs Residual vs Passive Income

When you embark on your online lifestyle business journey, there’s three important types of income you need to know and be able to differentiate from each other if you wish to successfully navigate the layers of wealth. In this article we’ll go trough the three different types of income and as a bonus add a … Read more

Portfolio Management for Online Lifestyle Entrepreneurs: the 10triple30 portfolio

Glass filled with coins with a tree sapling in the middle

When it comes to portfolio management, there’s an abundance of options out there: the classic 60/40 portfolio, mutual funds, 401k’s, index ETF’s like SPY, VOO, QQQ, IWM. They all have one thing in common, they’re targetted towards people with a 9 to 5 job. Which makes sense since they are the large majority of people, … Read more

8 reasons to make Montenegro your new home

Montenegro might not (yet) be a household name around the world but if you’re looking to relocate to or vacation in Eastern Europe I’m certain the country has already appeared on your radar several times. While the positives about Crna Gora, as the locals call it, appear to be virtually unlimited, we’ve listed the top … Read more